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Get Lucky

In "Don't start a company, kid", Aaron Hillegass makes 2 great points, which resonated enough that I'd like to modulate them. But let me first hand them to you:

  1. The role of luck in success or failure is underestimated.
  2. The best part of creating a company is defining a culture.
And he is right, I believe. But my experience tells me that:
  1. The amount of lucky breaks around is underestimated. And success is actually the product of luck and the ability to catch one or more of those breaks and run with them. Success = Luck*RunningWithIt. 
  2. The best part of working at a company is being able to change the culture. And while nothing beats defining one, don't accept the status quo. You wanna rock? Create your own mountain range. Ask any teacher for that matter, about creating his or her classroom culture and the impact it has; ask anybody to reminisce about their favorite teacher, chances are that the atmosphere the teacher created had a lot to do with it.
And if you want to really be successful, create a culture of running with lucky breaks, however large or small they may be. At the end of the day, the odds shall be forever in your favor (popular culture linkbait time :-).